December 2016

Do you know Trojan Ecstasy condoms?

Trojan Ecstasy condoms don’t come with pleasure enhancing drugs in the lubricant, contrary to what some suspect. The Ecstasy keyword means that these condoms have bulbed heads on the end, making them an excellent fit for folks with uncircumcised penises, or those who have girth issues that aren’t fixed entirely by the Magnum condoms. These condoms typically do not have reservoir tips.

magnum ecstasy condom

magnum ecstasy condom

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warming or cooling lubricants better for anal sex?

If you once try or like the anal sex? However, ancient man did not have to worry about things like HIV. Lambskin is great if your main concern is prevention of pregnancy. However, lambskin has pores that can allow infected bodily fluids through. Therefore, lambskin is to be avoided if you mainly engage in anal sex.


Another type of condom you need to avoid is the warming or cooling sensations condom. These condoms are quite trendy in recent years. They have a substance on the condom which provides a warming and cooling sensation to both partners. The chemicals used to create this sensation are not a good idea to introduce into the anal cavity. The chemicals could cause unwanted sensations such as burning or itching. So we suggest stop use it.


Since having proper lubrication is so important for enjoying anal sex for both partners, choosing the right lubricant is also critical, especially if you only have unlubricated condoms. You’ll typically want to go for water or silicon based lubricants. Oil based lubricants or things like petroleum jelly can cause the condom to break down. Some good brands of lubricants to consider for anal sex are Astroglide, Pjur or Wet. While the FDA has not specifically approved any condoms for anal sex, the below condoms should give you a good idea of which ones will be the most effective. Choose right one make sure everything is right.

Variety Santa Pop Tops Condom

Santa Condom Pops are made from latex and protect against AIDs and HIV. Sure to bring some jolly fun this holiday, these Santa Condom Pops are latex and protect against pregnancy, AIDS and other STD’s. Purchase one or a pack of six. Great for stocking stuffers, holiday parties, and anyone who has been nice (or naughty)! Have a safe and happy holiday!

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flavor and color condom

Colored & flavored condoms come in a variety of shades and flavors for sexy fun

Add color to your sex life with flavored and colored condoms .

Flavoured condoms are a type of condom with lubricants that are flavored and scented. They’re great to use during oral sex, especially if you or your partner dislike the taste and smell of latex, as they mask any unpleasant scent.

Most flavoured condoms have a natural color but some come in colors that match its flavor. Such as red or pink color condom with strawberry flavor, green color condom with apple flavor, yellow color condom with banana flavor, black color condom with chocolate flavor, and so on.

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Textured Condom and Her Pleasure

Textured Condom and Her Pleasure

Up to 30% of women are unable to orgasm during intercourse alone. Perhaps that’s why companies started selling ribbed, studded, and dotted condoms with strategically placed ridges and bumps that may enhance the friction a woman feels against her vaginal walls—particularly if her man is on the smaller side. Women want to feel their partners inside of them.But for gals with average-sized or bigger partners, these condoms could go either way. Some may not feel much of a difference, says certified sex therapist Gracie Landes, because the vaginal walls don’t have a lot of nerve endings and are full of wrinkles, folds, and bumps in their own right. (Plus women usually orgasm from their clitoris.) Other women might find the added texture irritating. If you’re preferring to try these, look for condoms with ribbing at the base, which are more likely to provide clitoral stimulation.

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Are Photos On Condom Packets Too Racy

India’s most senior lawyers has been ordered to study condom and other contraceptive packets to determine if their pictures are too racy and should be banned, according to reports. Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh must spend six weeks pouring over photographs — often of scantily clad women or couples in steamy embraces — promoting the products after the Supreme Court said they may breach India’s tough obscenity laws. “Do you have any plan to regulate such advertisements?” a Supreme Court bench was quoted by the Indian Express asking Mr Singh, the government’s third-ranked legal officer. “You also have to tell us if such advertisements may constitute a penal offence,” the newspaper reported the bench as saying. Mr Singh’s office confirmed to news agency AFP that the court issued the order on Tuesday, but declined to comment further. The obscenity law carries a maximum punishment of two years in jail and five years for repeat offenders. Bollywood actors often find themselves slapped with such charges for their movies that some see as crossing the lines of decency.

Former adult star turned mainstream actor Sunny Leone was hit with an obscenity charge last year for her online movies and photographs. Police are obliged to register a case when complaints are made. The latest case came after condom manufacturers appealed against an earlier High Court order banning lurid pictures from their packets on the grounds that they were obscene and an affront to Indian culture. Last year, India was forced to reverse a controversial order banning hundreds of porn websites after accusations of heavy-handed censorship in the world’s largest democracy. Censors also blocked the release of the erotic film “Fifty Shades of Grey” in cinemas last year, even though a toned-down version of the film was supposed to be screened. Better in simple and good attractive version design, which will better for condom marketing.

how to put condom

Top 5 Condom Myths BUSTED

Every one of us has own opinions on condoms. Whatever you feel, they do put a stop to numerous problems we could live without. There are some common misconceptions which we are here to BUST. From the downright ludicrous to the absolute crazy, here’s numbers 1 to 5:

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The guy promises he’d pull out in time, but how many babies created because of it? We guess at hundreds of thousands. The fact is, before climaxing, a guy will pre-ejaculate, inseminating his female counterpart, and THEN ‘pull-out’. Pre-cum, as it has been fondly coined, is still able to get a girl pregnant! As Planned Parenthood says, a male who does not carry out withdrawal properly increases the chances of the woman becoming pregnant by 27%!

buy Maxalt amex “I can’t feel anything with that thing on!”
This is perhaps the biggest lie told before sex by a man on one night stands. It is really something that with just a thin layer of latex, a penis becomes completely numb. Granted, it may take away a small amount of feeling, but the way some men go on about it being like “picking your nose with a glove on” is RIDICULOUS.

Not only is double-wrapping a total waste of condoms, but it can create friction between the two and eventually lead to hidden tears and a leakage of juices! A single condom is your best bet for protecting yourself from the dangers unprotected sex may bring.

‘I’m the girl, why should I have one?’
PET PEEVE ALERT. Just because girls do not own a penis, it does not mean they should not empower themselves! The best form of protection for intercourse for both genders is without a doubt condoms. So, why should it be a man’s job to carry them?! While we’re here, girls also need preparing for sex in the right away either!

‘I always break them’
Oh boy, oh boy. Condoms come in all shapes and sizes and actually stretch in order to wrap around larger members of the penis fam. Now, I’m not saying condoms are unbreakable, because they certainly are, but come on… it really is hard to do so! If normal size small for you, why don’t buy XL condoms if there was an issue.

So there we have it, five myths well and truly debunked. Remember, you can share the love and protect someone TODAY by visiting


Condom factory foil sealing room workshop

NRS International Launches New condom Company, Ulinzi Latex

This is an ambitious plan for the industry. NRS International launches a new company company which named Ulinzi Latex, they Expansion plans reveal ambition to become world’s largest condom manufacturer NRS International | Ulinzi Latex launched to become the world largest condom manufacturer. Monday, 16 November 2015 – NRS International today announced the launch of Ulinzi Latex, a new company that will provide high quality, totally reliable and affordable reproductive health products. It aims to become the largest condom manufacturer worldwide by 2022, with an annual production capacity of eight billion pieces. Dubai-based NRS International is investing USD160 million into the ambitious project that will bring new impetus in the fight against HIV/AIDS and will focus on the institutional market. Ulinzi means ‘protection’ in Swahili and the new company will be headquartered in Dubai, UAE. When it complete, it will break the condom market a lot, and make all the manufacturer’s to lower cost more and more.

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