July 2016

Condom factory foil sealing room workshop

Condom Manufacturer Supplier from Africa Namibia Goes Hi-tech

Only few condom factories located at Africa. The collective social responsibility and health concern about the spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Namibia led to the setting up of the country first and only one condom factory.

John Maritz and his wife Sabina, two ex-teachers, thought over the idea of producing condoms locally instead of importing them for some time before they established the factory in Prosperita.

“Prior to setting up the factory with a bank loan in 1994 I was importing condoms and other pharmaceutical products from South Africa.

“On a certain day it struck me that locally produced condoms would be cheaper and more readily available to the Namibian market,” said John Maritz, the managing director of the company that today employs more than 40 full-time workers.

He and his wife run the factory in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Services as Commodity Exchange.

“Imported hi-tech equipment from Germany allows us to produce 30 million condoms per year for the local market, but we can expand on it on demand at a rate of 10 percent per year,” he said. This make them go stable and safely.

funny condom brand mango

funny condom brand: Mango

Mango brand condom announced the spike condom, which is funny and interesting, it really can stimulate women much better, so it became more and more popular now. if you interest to became our distributor, we are pleasure to cooperate with you, welcome your inquiry!


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List of condom brand names in the market

Here list all the condom brands which we can find on the market, no matter European and America market, but also the Africa and Asia area.


Beyond Seven
Big Dom
Caution Wear
Class Act
Female Condom
Green Love
Her Pleasure
Kelinton (Chinese spelling for Clinton)
Kling Tite
Laiwensiji (Chinese spelling for Lewinsky)
Long Love (the Chinese brand with Beckham’s foto on the pack)
Love Guard

Night Light (Glow in the dark condoms!)
Pleasure Plus

Rough Rider
Six Sex
Vibrating Johnny

This maybe not includes all the brands, because there are always new logo come into the market

Taste Condom

Taste Condom, Mango, GSPOT

Orange MANGO taste Condom from GSPOT, This exotic Mango Taste condom will be enjoyed by both of you. Try them out by ordering them by online shop ! Product Specifications Width: 52mm  x 190mm Thickness: 0,07mm Length: 190mm+/-10mm,  Other information: CE-marked, silicone lubricated, latex rubber Origin of manufacture from Malaysia. Please contact us if need it. Custom production welcome contact factory directly, we can produce clients own logo condoms.

Sexual Education

Lust Therapy Condoms from USA inventor

This is a new type condom, total different idea as current goods. The name of the concept the inventor has chosen is  buy generic tinidazole http://creeklic.com/events/rstandup-2016-03-16/ Lust-Therapy, although he is open to the possibility of a name change and reserves final approval regarding the official name.  Branding is important, of course, but the concept is the official foundation for the invention and any forthcoming applications of the invention.

The concept Mr. Pike has envisioned is a condom lubricated with products designed to enhance sexual acts for men and women.  By stimulating the woman’s clitoris more, the male’s pleasure will also be intensified, making the act more mutually satisfying for both partners.  When men realize their experience is enhanced when using this condom, more men will use it, resulting in a lower rate of unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STDs.  A further, more detailed description of this product will be elaborated upon in the following segment. Let’s see how long this new condoms can last.

personal lubricants manufacturer


Some consumer need the lube, but some young consumer maybe don’t need it, but in order to make our life more better, we’d better use it, which is good for female better. Have you ever Experience and even more intense sensation?


Personal Lubricant is one of the easiest ways to bring you more close to partner in the bedroom and improve your sexual contacts with each other. But while you may believe that it simply makes your time spent between the sheets better, you might not know about its added physical and emotional benefits…


Lube Makes Foreplay Fun

Lubricant can be incorporated into your foreplay routine in a number of ways. For example, you can use warming lubricant as massage oil or to heighten sensation as you and your partner explore one another time. However you use it before sexual activity, sex lubricant will create an exciting sensory experience for both of you. Intimate Lubricant lets you keep the action going from start to finish no matter the time


Lube Helps Move You Seamlessly Into the Main Event

Sometimes, it takes your body a little while to catch up to your mind – that is perfectly okay. Lubricant allows you to keep the action going as quickly as you desire without having to pump the brakes.


Lube Heightens Your Sensations

By enhancing the sensations of sex, lubricant makes everything feel more fantastic. And if your partner is particularly well-endowed, or if you’re on the smaller side, it helps create a more cohesive feelings.


Lube Allows You to Keep Going Longer

Without lubricant, you may experience chafing or dryness, especially if it’s for a longer, more passionate session. Lubricant lets you keep the action going from start to finish no matter the time. It Can Help Prevent Infection Believe it or not, moisturizers in the sex lubricants can actually protect sensitive skin down, making you less prone to bladder infections. Also, because of its moisturizing properties, lube also keeps skin from breaking or tearing. It May Help Keep Contraception from Breaking Water-based lubricants reduce friction, which helps keep latex contraception intact and less prone to tearing. And there is another added plus of using lubricant with protection. If you put a couple drops of lube inside a condom before your partner puts it on, you will enhance his pleasure. Think of lubricants as tool to inspire more intimacy between you and your loved one and as a way to bring you closer!


So we’d better keep lubricants in the bedroom, which will smooth your love life and offer more pleasure during the process.

South Africa HIV and condom

What is the normal duration of Intercourse ?

Love need long lasts, which will make both partners satisfy, esp the women. Though premature ejaculation is viewed as a situation whereby he comes too soon, but the fact is there is no limit to how soon. This means that there is no fixed time limit that can be used as a standard to describe a man suffering from premature ejaculation. However, ejaculation fact has inferred that men who ejaculates within two minutes of penetration are suffering from premature ejaculation, but the fact is that this research has been nullified because latest ejaculation fact has made it known that over 50% of men population, irrespective of age are known to ejaculate within two minutes, and in some cases, women are well satisfied with the extra 2 minutes. There are many causes of premature ejaculation and of course they vary depending on individual as well as other factors. The truth is that there are higher chances that even a healthy male would experience any case of quick discharge of sperm at a point in their lifetime. No standards of this duration, but it’s better make you and your partner happy, that’s the top rule.


There are really many tips how to make it longer, happy in heart, healthy in body are the most important factors which concerns to the intercourse.