May 2016

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What are the advantages of using Reality condoms?

useful link What are the advantages of using the Reality condom?
• Protection against from sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
• Non-latex (may be good for people who are allergic to latex)
• Helps protect the vagina, vulva or anus from STIs
• Available without a prescription
• Pre-lubricated and can be used with oil and water-based personal lubricants
• Can be inserted before sex play begins, (up to 24 hours before)
• Erection is not necessary to keep the condom in place
• Increases women’s control over protection, so women master it use or it.
if you has own condom brands, welcome bring reality polyurethane condom into your range, you can contact us easily by email or whatsapp.
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spiny condom

spiny condoms also named spikes, which means there are many different shapes of rubber spiny around the condom, it’s easy for female reach orgasm, so it’s more welcome by female consumers.

As customized factory, we also can custom produce as clients shape or type requirements.

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Condom Manufacturing Companies in China

There are 3 level condom manufacturing companies in China, lower middle and premium. Most African, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Vietnam clients prefer to buy the lower cheap condoms, so they choose the lower level, which also means the quality also lower.

USA clients have to choose the FDA approved company, which is the premium level, the price also too higher, maybe only usa clients can afford it.

European clients always prefer to choose the middle level companies, such as our company, the quality is very near as FDA approved quality, but price is much better than them, and still higher than the cheap condoms, so good quality condom with affordable price is the middle level’s position, which take up more than 90% of market share. that’s also why so many popular condom brands tend to choose the China condoms.