March 2016

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Which Personal Lubricant Ingredients Can Damage Condoms?

Personal lubricants make both partner more natural with each others. When you are practicing safe sex, some extra lubricants can be incredibly beneficial. Lubricants makes sex feel more natural with condom, and by decreasing friction, it provides some additional protection for sensitive skin. However, you need to choose a personal lubricant which is compatible with condom. The good news is that you have got plenty of options; silicone and water-based lubricants are completely safe to use with latex condoms. In fact, there are really only one lubricant ingredient that can significantly increase the chances of a latex condom breakage: oil. Oil-based lubricants are not safe to use with condom (with one notable exception, Simply Slick) because they permeate the tiny pores in the latex, wearing away at them and causing damage. When you put pressure on the condom – as you do during sex – these tiny holes can expand and the condom will easy break. Most oils can damage latex. Mineral oils and vegetable oils are commonly found in some masturbation lubricants and anal lubricants, so look out for these substances. If your lubricant contains oil and it’s not specifically approved for use with latex, play it safe and don’t use it. Others lubricants will safe to use freely during sex. Most intimate lubricants in the market are water and silicone based, so we can choose lubricants freely in the market, just pay attention to the type to avoid the oil based one, that’s ok.

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How common is premature Ejaculation?

If you are experiencing this condition, you are not alone. Statistics has shown that over 70% of males ranging from ages of 18 and 59 are often Face premature Ejaculation. So this is a common phenomenon among male consumers. this problem is a potential risk for the whole society, which easy to make the couples not happy with each others, and then lead to divorce, this is harm to the family, so as the men, they need to improve their health to overcome the premature ejaculation.

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if use condom or lube with spermicidal Nonoxynl-9 increase the risk of HIV infection?

how to buy prednisone online can you buy prednisone in canada YES, the risk is high -Some persons are sensitive or allergic to Nonoxynl-9.  This can cause irritation, inflammation or open areas in the rectum, increasing chances of HIV transmission.  Nonoxynl-9 does not kill HIV. As a custom production company, we don’t recommend any others functional condoms, such as delay condom, N-9 condoms, which always can bring the side effect to the condom itself easily.

But some clients really prefer to choose these new type condom, we also can custom produce for you if insist, as a company, we don’t recommend this type goods, so we will let you know the side effects at first before start cooperation.

What Condoms Will Protect Against?

There is still some people don’t know what’s the condom and why we need to wear it? National Condom Month! And it is a good time to remember the basics of condom use. Condoms will protect you from most STDs, but not all items. When condoms are used properly and consistently, they are highly effective at reducing the transmission of STDs. To ensure the effectiveness of a condom it is important to check for the expiration date of the condom, to make sure there is no damage to the packaging, to only use one condom for each sexual act, and if a condom breaks or slips during sexual intercourse, to throw it away and use a new condom. Latex and polyurethane condoms provide an important impermeable barrier that protects against genital secretion (from the male and female) that transmits STDs. So it’s necessary and lower cost tool to protect yourself in intimate contact.


if you get HIV by having oral sex without using a condom?

Sure it’s YES – A person giving oral sexual action can acquire HIV through sores, small cuts or open tissue around his hums or throat, if he is exposed to an HIV+ partner per-ejaculate or ejaculate fluid. Though less risky, a person getting oral sex from an HIV+ partner with cuts or sores in the mouth can also acquire HIV through the tip of the urethra, or if he has sores or cuts on his penis. So we suggest must wear condom when has sex, no matter which version style, protection is No.1 choice.

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Polyurethane condom custom manufacturer

Polyurethane condom also named Non-Latex Condoms is another choice for consumer who allergic to latex– If you want every intimate encounter with a partner to be as safe as it is pleasurable, carefully considering your options for contraception and STD protection of the utmost importance. Many couples prefer non-latex male condoms for use during all types of intercourse, and they are 97 percent effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly and regularly. Now, our company successfully produced the polyurethane condom, it’s ok to produce in your own brand, welcome inquiry us, our email:

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