February 2016

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4 Inch Latex Penis Extension tool, if you want use it with condom?

have a peek here Clicking Here if your partner satisfied with you behave in sex? if your partner believe in the bigger is better theory? You can give her more than she want bargained for with the 4-inch Latex Penis Extension. Penis extensions are used to increase the length and girth of your penis thus increasing the sexual pleasure you give to your partner as well as giving her a totally different sex sensation. Penis extensions can also be used to sustain an erection. Just like a condom but made of a much thicker material of latex, the extension is placed over the end of the penis. Made from quality latex that adjusts quickly to body temperature, penis extensions feel just like the real thing. This extension can be used for vaginal or anal sex activity. You would still want to use a lubricated condom to keep it sanitary and safe. It is, however, easy to clean. if you like, please visit the link:http://britishcondoms.uk/4-inch-latex-penis-extension.html

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condom vending machines

condom vending machines

vending machine offer us a new chance to condom business. it’s not new idea, but it’s good way to start it if you want to get more money in spare time. As an condom project entrepreneur, these are the following requisites that could assist you to start with this booming condom business. The feasibility of condom vending machines is turning more and more perceptible nowadays. A vast variety of condom brands are responding to the great condoms demand of the society. Indeed, it feels excellent to bring in more money but it feels a lot better knowing you are earning money while providing others more protections. Thinking from a business occupied in mind, this possibly will be an additional revenue generating means for you. On the contrary, searching for condom vending machines may be tough, yet this guide will help you out in looking for sellers of condom vending machines.



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Dalian Latex Co.,Ltd Condom Production Line

German man sells turnkey condom manufacturing factory

You maybe hear many business man sell condom, but if you hear any one sell condom factory as his business? 56 years old German entrepreneur Klaus Richter is selling ready-for-use condom factory worldwide, meaning you can order a complete manufacturing factory from him, and he ships practically everywhere in the world. What may sound as a joke at first but it is a serious business: Richter has so far sold over 100 factories worldwide. The factories are being put together and shipped from Penang, a port city in Malaysia. Richter says he already sold his production facility through his own company, “Richter Rubber”, to places like India, Mexico and Thailand and China. Two containers with 26sqm. of space are enough. Once the containers are at the hands of the new condom factory owners, it takes another 10 days of work to get the factory ready to roll out the first latex condom. One condom factory costs about $500,000, but for that money, Richter Rubber staff will set up the factories themselves, grant various warranties and instruct the new owners on all standard operating procedures. Richter says he produces the condom factories in Malaysia since labor costs are low, and high-quality natural rubber is virtually around every corner of here. if interest, please contact them.


if spike condom safe to use?

Many clients like to bring spike condom in their product line, but their first question always worry of the safety, here we make a video to show it, let’s see it.

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french tickler condoms

Novelty Condoms not use for sex protection

Novelty condom is condom that are not designed to be used for sex. They are joke condom or gag gift. Sometimes people do not realize that novelty condoms are novelties, however. That has the potential to make them dangerous in sex. While most novelty condoms are labeled as not for use for sex, sometimes that label is not so easy to find. Some good company write it clearly on front of the box in big fonts.  Price Varies. Novelty condoms may be cheaper than regular condom, but they also may be substantially more expensive. The price depends on what the novelty condoms are made of and how they are being marketed and packed. Where to Find Them: Novelty condoms are easily found online store and occasionally in gift shop or joke shop. Some sex shop may also carry novelty condom, if it’s a store that carries humorous products, but they may not be shelved with the condoms that can actually be used for safe sex. So you can choose novelty condom if you need pleasure.

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South Africa HIV and condom

History of Japan Condom manufacturer

Condom’s history will more than 100 years now, and the condom production center also located at Asia recently. Japan is something like a country of condom and that is why we are publishing a little story about condom history in Japan (and condom history in general). During some research I have come across a lovely text by Fuji Latex, one of the biggest Japanese condom manufacturers, that is really fit for translation. What makes Japan so fascinating when it comes to condoms, is their incredible drive to innovation and creativity (we have covered the Astrology and Junko Mizuno condoms recently). Also much of the technology used by condom manufacturers today was invented by the Japanese companies. This is still true today: A super thin polyurethane condom was just released recently, which probably also is one of the most expensive ones on the market: 2000 Yen (22 USD) for 4 pieces. 0.01mm thickness really has too much advantage to 0.06 mm latex condom thickness, many consumer prefer to choose the thin condoms.

large condoms

Most giant consumer only can choose large condoms,  here is A huge selection of Large, Larger, and Largest size Big condoms. large condoms Welcome to the land of the Giants, home of the large, larger and extra large condoms. Below are all your Mega choices. The below sizeable condoms offer Spacious room for the substantial Willie. If you are looking for a roomy, extra large condom.. the Trojan Magnum XL, or Durex XXL is for you. Have fun and be safe when choose condoms.

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South Africa HIV and condom

how to choose condom testing laboratories?

there are 3 types condom test laboratories, first is manufacturers’ laboratories; second is independent accredited test laboratories; the third is national regulatory laboratories. Laboratories that test condoms for regulatory or compliance purposes need to have systems in place to ensure the reliability of their results. ISO has developed a quality management system specifically for laboratories, ISO 17025. Laboratories that comply with ISO 17025 will also operate in accordance with ISO 9001. ISO 17025 covers the essential elements of ISO 9001 as well as laboratory-specific requirements, such as technical requirements for equipment, calibration, uncertainty management and technical competence of the staff. The laboratory must conduct regular, traceable calibration of its measuring equipment, have an adequate maintenance system, and have systems in place to ensure the technical competence of their staff. Condom testing laboratories used for prequalification and Pre-shipment compliance testing should be accredited to ISO 17025. There are a number of international mutual recognition agreements among accreditation bodies, which audit each other for quality. The international umbrella body is:International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation. So you choose the laboratory according to your need. if you need confirm quality Pre-shipment, THE second independent laboratory maybe better choice.


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best feeling condoms: LifeStyles SKYN

if you Allergic to latex? Not a problem. Lifestyles’ SKYN model is made from a non-latex material called polyisoprene. It’s as strong as latex and as sensitive as an ultra-thin condom. The long-lasting personal lubricant means longer, more comfortable sex for the both of you. which will safe for 100% consumer, welcome choose SKYN!

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