December 2015

Dalian Latex Co.,Ltd Condom Production Line

condom manufacturers buy Pregabalin 150 mg online Condom manufacturers are generally very large parent companies who physically make and produce millions of condoms in factories, which are generally located overseas. Mainly located at China, India, Malaysia and Thailand, Often times, they also produce other products as well, like vibrating rings or personal lubricants or sex toy. Some factories has own brand, some also focus on produce for clients own brand condom.

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Big condoms partly to blame for Thailand teen STD spike

Thailand health officials Thursday said teenagers who are too embarrassed to choose right condoms that fit are partly to blame for a recent spike in sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among their peers. In a statement ahead of Valentine’s Day — a time when Thai officials often issue a flurry of warnings about the potential pitfalls of young love — the kingdom’s Ministry of Public Health warned that STIs among youths aged 10 to 19 had increased almost five times in the last 10 years.

“It is due to the fact that only 43 percent (of teenagers) use condoms — and also because they choose condoms that are too big for their actual sizes and they are afraid they will be mocked for being too small,” the statement said.The ministry added it planned to spend 47 million baht ($1.4 million) this year to distribute more than 43 million latex condoms to people across the country.Despite its anything-goes image, Thailand has a conservative streak, meaning that young people are told to abstain from intercourse altogether instead of being educated about using condom protection.

Experts say that lack of awareness has led to soaring rates of teenage pregnancy and STIs. According to the United Nations, the birth rate among Thai teenagers was 47 per 1,000 girls from 2006 to 2010 —roughly in line with neighboring Cambodia, but significantly higher than Malaysia’s 14. Doctors have said the true figure is likely to be higher given many Thai teens will seek an abortion, even though the procedure is illegal under almost all circumstances.

Valentine’s Day often leads to bouts of concern over these issues. This year officials have called on teenagers to have a special meal or visit temples instead of having sex. Some Thai officials have called for condom vending machines to be placed in schools—a plan that has been rejected so far by education chiefs.

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Brilliant new condom fights HIV infection with an antioxidant-embedded hydrogel

latex condoms are one of the most effective tools we have to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS, and now, thanks to the work of Texas A&M professor, the world might soon get a new condom that sexually active people actually want to use it. The brand new condom proposal ditches latex for a hydrogel polymer, which doubles up on sexual safety by actively going after the contaminant virus. It is enmeshed with an antioxidant ingredient that has anti-HIV properties, and can even enhance the sexual experience.

The creator of this revolutionary new prophylactic, Mahua Choudhury, is an assistant professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center. Hydrogels like the one in her new condom design have already been used in tactile sensors, contact lenses, and medical applications. And the condom’s hydrogel material only packs extra sexual safety features onto the existing efficacy of latex condoms. In addition to preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and reducing unplanned pregnancies, Choudhury’s condom features a unique disease-fighting component. let’s wait the new material condom come into market openly.

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One of China’s biggest growth markets: condoms

China is the fourth largest condom maker in the world, and yet Chinese people don’t tend to use the condoms—at least not until recently. China’s condom market will grow by nearly 60% in the next five years, according to Bloomberg, which cites research by Global Industry Analysts. That could spell big profits for foreign condom makers, particularly the Jissbon and Durex and others famous condom brands.

So what’s changing? Talking about sex in public has long been taboo in China, so much so that sex education is seldom taught in schools. Even though a rapidly rising percentage of Chinese youth are having premarital sex, 90% of them know little or nothing about contraception, as a 2013 study found.

Dalian Latex Co.,Ltd Condom Production Line

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Star Wars condoms keep your saber covered

Want to avoid the pitter-patter of little padawans? Condoms called Saber Skins let you sheath your lightsaber the Star Wars way. The condoms, made by Graphic Armor, a company that specializes in custom-made condoms, feature quotes such as “No, I am your father,” famously spoken by Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker in “The Empire Strikes Back,” and Yoda’s admonition to Luke: “Try not! Do, or do not. There is no try.”  Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t make a third version with another of Vader’s famous quotes: “The Force is strong with this one.”

While it might seem a little absurd that Star Wars branding has now extended to condoms, it makes sense when you consider how central the Vader/Luke plot line is to the entire franchise — starting with the secret wedding of Anakin Skywalker to Padmé Amidala on Naboo in 2002’s “Attack of the Clones.” Just think. If Anakin had used protection, there never would have been a Leia or Luke; Leia would never have been captured by the Empire; and there would have been no need for “A New Hope.” Whew! Good thing the drugstore on Naboo was out of condoms on their wedding night, eh?

Graphic Armor’s other condoms lines include tie-dye and camouflage versions. But naturally, with “The Force Awakens” getting ready to debut, the Star Wars condoms, though they came out late last year, are the ones that caused a disturbance in my Force.  If you’re a would-be Sith Lord not wanting to have a kid who might one day go all “light side of the Force on you,” you can snag one of these condoms for $2.99 (about £1.97, AU$4). A three-pack lowers the price to $2.25 (about £1.50, AU$3) each, a dozen go for $1.99 (about £1.30, AU$2.70) each and — if you’re planning on really putting your Jedi master love skills to use — 30 or more sell for $1.79 (about £1.20, AU$2.50) each. Shipping is available worldwide. Oh, and if you’re not inclined to order any of these, you might still want to check out the comments section on the site. I’m not sure I’ll ever think of carbonite the same way again.


Glow in the dark condom will be ok soon

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spike condom’s custom new improvement

spike condom is one of our best sell last years, we have improved it many times. our clients offer us their new idea, we try and make it up to it, such as this time, one client want all our spike more thicker and longer, they tell us consumer like the long hair feeling, so we are successful make it come true.

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