October 2015

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World’s Thinnest Condom Sets Guinness Record

official source China condom maker beats Japan and sets the Guinness World Record for the thinnest condom at 0.0014 inches, but is it just as effective as a standard condom? The race to create the world’s thinnest condom was won by China as it now holds the Guinness World Record at 0.0014 inches (in.), while Japan falls 0.0002 in. shy at 0.0016 in. in a battle where size does matter. Chinese technology has made it possible to create an ultra-light prophylactic that is thinner than a strand of human hair (0.0039 in.). The AONI brand condom, manufactured by Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products company, is mainly sold in mainland China where the company produces 200 million condoms per year.

browse around these guys “The previous record-holder was Okamoto. Their thinnest condom had a thickness of 0.038mm,” Charles Wharton, records manager of Guinness World Records’ Greater China division, told the Associated Foreign Press at a press conference. The AONI condom easily toppled Trojan’s Ultra Thin condom, which has the average diameter of human hair, and narrowly beat Japan’s Okamoto condom. Both of these products show to be ahead of Western contraceptive technology.

buy generic priligy online The Japanese condoms, manufactured by Sagami Rubber Industries company, were launched in Tokyo at $12 for a box of five units, and flew off the shelves in December. Prior to their former world record, the Japanese condom company was the first to create a color condom, and set a previous thinness standard when they released a 0.0007 in. version in 2005, The Huffington Post reported.

After a decade of research, Sagami held the record for the world’s thinnest condom, but researchers wanted to explore the possibility of formulating an even thinner condom. “Honestly, I don’t know how we can make them thinner than this,” a Sagami researcher told Tokyo Sports, Kotaku.com reported, “but as long as there is a need for thinner, we will continue researching 0.009 millimeter and 0.008 millimeter thinness condom”

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Condom foil wrapper not welcome gradual change color

A beautiful condom foil wrapper always easy to make consumer attention on it, but we suggest the foil design is simple is better, because the foil printing machine total different with box paper printing, they only can print clear color, red is red, blue is blue, which need to be very clearly. we can see many famous condom brands, such as durex, lifestyle, trojan, their foil always only 2 or max 3 colors, which is easy for foil printer to print and control quality in stable level. Some new condom brands want to make their style unique, which is understandable for marketing, the technology can’t up to it recently.

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silicone based lubricants custom factory

Silicone based lubricants are the newest category of sexual lubricant on the market. Latex Condom manufacturers have been using silicone based lubricants for years on their pre-lubricated condoms, but more recently lube manufacturers have begun selling silicone lubricants for sexual and sensual purposes.

Silicone is a synthetic substance. A lubricant containing it stays slippery longer than those that are water-based. A silicone lubricant is safe to use with condoms but may be difficult to wash off from your body, clothes, or sheets since they are water-resistant. Silicone lubes can also be used during underwater sex. Those with sensitive skin may especially want to consider them; they typically do not cause allergic reactions or skin irritations. These personal lubricants are more expensive than water-based options. So please consider if your target consumer can afford its price when you plan bring silicone lube into your line, we are pleasure to custom produce it in your own logo, welcome your inquiry.


Design your own logo condoms

Customize your own condoms with yours name, phone number, logo or whatever floats your dingy. We are the supplier on customized condoms and have been custom printing since 1996. We have run jobs for Ludacris, VHI, Snoop Dog, UFC, Reebok, Bud Light, Major record labels to small pubs. Custom Logo-Condoms are great for Bands, Parties, Weddings or whatever event you want to showcase. There are no set up fees and no ink color charges for short runs up to 10000 pieces. Select the quantity you need and email us your art file or ideas to sales@customcondomsfactory.com, we will serve you directly. you will see own brand or logo condom in about 7 days.

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special condoms manufacturers

As a special condom manufacturer, our company can produce the spike condoms in different shape, welcome inquiry us by email, we can send our price list to you, you can check in details which shape up to your favorites, or our company also can produce clients own idea spike condom. Let’s work as a team.

Japanese condoms manufacturer

Why do condoms break?

Not all the condom in the market come in good quality, some brand owner want to compete with others condom brand by very cheap price, but cheap price must means bad quality, which is easy break.


Have you ever had a condom break on you? It is terrifying. The good news is that it is avoidable in the future, as long as you learned why it happened. Condoms are tested in many ways for safety, durability and reliability by the FDA or MOH, but improper use also can compromise an otherwise reliable condom. Any one (or more than one) of these common user errors can cause a condom to break, rip, burst or tear breakthrough.


the condom is expired or had been stored in extreme temperatures;

the condom is too snug and is stretched beyond its limit;

the condom is material became dry and hot because not enough additional lubricant was added;

additional lubricant was added, but it was oil-based;

the condom wrapper was opened with teeth, scissors, or a knife, creating a rip in the condom itself.


It’s easy burst when above items happens, so please take attention to the above items before use or choose the condoms.

Never Worry About Your Condom Size with the FC2

If you concern of condom size, please choose the standard one 52x180mm, please choose XXL if you feel tight for standard one.


Have you thought about using female condoms (which also named the internal condom) with your partner? Until you find the perfect male (external) condom for you, female condoms provide the perfect amount of coverage, plus they are great at conducting heat, so a lot of couples report that they feel even better than many latex condoms made for men. And since your partner would wear them internally (yes, even for the anus although they are not FDA-approved for that– here is why), you do not even have to worry about size.


Here is a how to use on female condoms that we recently posted to help you get better acquainted with this condom.

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how long do condoms last?

Many consumer always ask how long do condom last? Although they can see the expire date on the box is 5 years, but they still doubt their truth. But according to our experience, 2 or 3 years is best for condom use, so we suggest give it up when you find the time near.

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