July 2015

This Futuristic Condom Covers Just The Tip

read the full info here buy Lyrica from mexico Have you ever wondered, Would sex be better if penis had a helmet? Yea, neither have we. But one inventor is pitching just that as a way to have a better time in the sex time.

California native Charlie Powell claims to have invented a new kind of condom which he calling the “Galactic Cap.” Instead of a latex sheath covering the full length of male penis, Powell’s new condom encases only the tip. That way, semen is trapped without dulling sexual sensation, according to Powell.

Just one problem: It may not be as good as conventional condoms at stoping HIV STIs. Prodded by a competition funded by Bill Gates, who believes more people will wrap it up if condoms are more pleasurable to use, some engineers are turning their attention to building a better condom. After failing to win a funding prize from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Powell is trying to raise money for making his condom through an IndieGogo campaign.

The cap is made up of two parts: a U-shaped polyurethane adhesive film and a reservoir tip that sticks to the adhesive. The film can be worn for hours or even days before sex. You can bathe in it and urinate with it (though we’re not sure why you would). The reservoir is added immediately before sex.

Powell boasts that this little shower cap for your swimmers leaves the shaft and ridge of the penis uncovered for more pleasurable sex. While the cap has yet to receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it is worth noting that this condom-alternative is lacking for the exact reason it seems appealing. Regular condoms cover the length of the penis because many sexually transmitted infections are spread through skin-to-skin intimate contact. These include genital warts, genital herpes, HPV, syphilis and molluscum.

Additionally, while HIV is often transmitted through semen, it is also spread through blood. Anal sex frequently involves minor tearing for both parties that can lead to bleeding.

So while the Galactic Cap has a catchy name and a never-ending list of puns to go with it, it may not be able to beat the original rubber.



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Probe Personal Lubricants Ingredients

What is the probe personal lube ingredients formula? Apply a small amount to the genital area. Add a few drops of water or repeat application to reactivate lubricity.

Probe personal lube Ingredients:
Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin (to retain moisture), Polyethylene Oxide
(a stable, biologically inert polymer), Grapefruit Seed Extract (to prevent micro-organism contamination)

• GLYCERIN – A sweet liquid derived from plants. It imparts a smooth, silky feel when PROBE sex lube® is spread over the skin and holds water close to moisturize skin.
• POLYETHYLENE OXIDE – A pure, edible, biologically inert polymer. It provides a thick, sensuous feel to PROBE®. It holds immense amounts of water; gradually released upon rubbing.
• GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT – A bitter, botanically complex fluid. In small amounts it preserves the physical qualities of PROBE® by inhibiting growth of micro-organisms.

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Intimate sex pleasure is an important part of a healthy adult life. It is normal, natural and fun. Sometimes though, due to factors like stress, hormone fluctuations or tiredness, your body may not always respond the way you would like it to. The mind may be willing but the body needs a helping hand. The personal lubricants will be the best choice for the special moments.

In this case, personal lubricants can be of help. With this in mind, an Australian personal lube company has developed a lubricant personal gel with Aphrodisiac qualities.

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Active Ingredients: Avena Sativa Saw Palmetto and Sagittatum (Horny Goat Weed).

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