15 Wrong ways to celebrate International Condom Day.

http://thegrasswizard.com/etc8m/wlzeswc-drmartens-womens-976216.php How are you going to celebrate International Condom Day this Feb.13th? Use many condoms, you may answer. When used correctly, condoms can be very effective at preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancies. But as studies showed a sizable percentage of men don’t use condoms correctly and therefore may not be preventing STIs or pregnancies.

http://truecom.com/index.php/component/content/37-producten/home/48-contact/component/content/draadloos/partners/oplossingen/draadloos/oplossingen/wlan/contact Here are some wrong ways condoms are used:

  • Not wearing the condom
  • Putting the condom on too late
  • Removing the condom too early
  • Unrolling a condom before wearing it
  • Over stuffing the condom
  • Allowing air in the condom
  • Wearing the condom inside-out
  • Partially wearing the condom
  • Using a sharp object to open the condom wrapper
  • Checking in before checking out the condom
  • Not using lubricant
  • Using the wrong lubricant
  • Making an incorrect withdrawal
  • Re-using a condom
  • Storing condoms incorrectly

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