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    condom production need better natural latex

    Not only the natural latex, we make each of our material in the better quality level, and all are environment protective.

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We can produce your brand condom

your brand condom deserves a quality condom supplier

OEM condom production still  is our company’s main business, we had served more than 50 worldwide condom brands, it’s our pleasure that all our clients like our quality and service, we will continue focus on condom R&D and production, Let’s work together to protect her safe!


Tell us your style and idea, we will show you in artwork.


We ask our sales man serve client at first time, no matter where you are.

Quality Lab

we need make sure each condom must be tested, all are safe.


Only Happy worker can produce good quality condoms!

extra strong condom, extra thin condom, extra safe condom manufacturer

Are condom thickness paramount?

When you choose condom, you also need to consider the thickness of condoms and the choices you have. If you […]

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non latex condom, latex free condom, polyurethane condom supplier

Non latex condom with premium quality

An allergy to latex can easily derail any plans you may have had. Symptoms can range from redness and blistering, […]

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condom types,safe condom,lubricate condom

How to choose the suit condom types?

1-Choosing a condom for safe sex Latex condoms, polyurethane condoms, and polyisoprene condoms can all be used to protect against […]

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types of condom, textured condom, thin condom manufacturer

Types of condom provide best possible choice of contraception

Various types, colors, sizes and price condoms provide customers the best possible choice of contraception, is extremely as per their […]

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wear condoms,place a condom

Ways for place a condom

Place a condom before penetration. Do it in the following way: Check that the expiration date has not passed yet. […]

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best condom, high quality condom, custom condom manufacturer

How long does a condom to expire?

Condoms usually have expiration about five years. However, the expiration can vary from 3-5 years depending upon condom variants such […]

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hyaluronic acid condoms

Safe latex condom Hyaluronic acid lubricated condom

Hyaluronic acid lubricant for higher level of comfort. Condoms use Hyaluronic acid for lubricant, it is very smooth during insertion. […]

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condom size

Condom size does matter for safety as well as pleasure

In a study on condom usage, men wearing ill-fitting condoms were almost twice as likely to remove their protection before […]

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G spot stimulation condoms

G-spot stimulation condom

Condoms with soft bead make G-spot stimulation. Tail is longer and a little more happy. Lubricated with large and good […]

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colored condoms,flavored condoms,color condom

Red Yellow Black colored condom

Do you wish bring some colors into your bedroom during sex love? Try the colored condoms. There are red color […]

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flavourful condoms

Do you want to try out the flavourful condoms?

Do you want to try out the flavourful condoms? Tutti-frutti, mint, chocolate,vanilla,jasmine, etc. Flavourful condoms can help shake up things in the […]

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probe cover,ultrasound probe covers,probe cover latex condom

Why have Ultrasound probe covers

Vaginal ultrasound is a common procedure in gynecology and obstetrics.  To perform vaginal ultrasound, an ultrasound probe is placed in […]

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