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    condom production need better natural latex

    Not only the natural latex, we make each of our material in the better quality level, and all are environment protective.

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We can produce your brand condom

your brand condom deserves a quality condom supplier

OEM condom production still  is our company’s main business, we had served more than 50 worldwide condom brands, it’s our pleasure that all our clients like our quality and service, we will continue focus on condom R&D and production, Let’s work together to protect her safe!


Tell us your style and idea, we will show you in artwork.


We ask our sales man serve client at first time, no matter where you are.

Quality Lab

we need make sure each condom must be tested, all are safe.


Only Happy worker can produce good quality condoms!

water based lubricant,personal lubricant,custom lubricant factory

water based personal lubricant factory

Water based personal lubricant is a moist, colouless, odourless non-greasy gel that eliminates friction discomfort and helps protect you from […]

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Flavored condom, MANGO flavored condom, flavored condom manufacturer

wholesale condoms manufacturer

As a condom manufacturer, our main work is to custom produce clients own brand condom, but we also announced own […]

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Promotional Printed Condoms

Promotional Printed Condoms puts your printed message on a condom for promotional events personal marketing or branding, these are pure […]

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funky condom custom supplier

funky condom custom supplier

Our company are rolling out a project to create funky and innovative designs for packaging condoms using art, which looks […]

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MANGO classic donom, MANGO brand condom, MANGO brand condom manufacturer

MANGO classic condom with premium quality.

MANGO Classic condom are suitable for those who do not want to experiment, and unusual ones are suitable for couples […]

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condoms,Mango classic condom

Mango Classic condom

The Mango classic condoms designed for natural feelings during intercourse and give you the basic confidence. It’s safety&comfort for pleasure. […]

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How do condoms prevent the sexual transmission of HIV?

Condoms help prevent transmission by reducing the risk of an exposure to HIV during sex. The research show that the […]

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Flavored condom, MANGO flavored condom, flavored condom manufacturer

MANGO flavored condom with orange taste.

MANGO Flavored condoms are made from high quality latex with the added scent and flavour of orange. Sure Exotic flavour […]

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regular condom,smooth condom,classic condom

Regular condom with plain smooth give you the sensual and close feeling

Our condoms are soft, sensitive, and safe to use. They’re made of premium natural rubber latex, transparent, non-spermicide lubricated with reservoir […]

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MANGO Long Love condom last as long as possible.

If you are a man looking to last longer, or perhaps a woman looking to ensure the man in her […]

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Custom Logo Condoms in bulk pack

Buying condom in bulk will give you much convenient and save much costs. Custom Logo Bulk Condoms are a very […]

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Mango brand condom,contoured condom,3in1 condom

Mango 3in1 Condom

The Mango 3in1 condoms spice up your love life with maximum pleasure. The dots and ribs increase comfort and maximum […]

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