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OEM condom production still  is our company’s main business, we had served more than 50 worldwide condom brands, it’s our pleasure that all our clients like our quality and service, we will continue focus on condom R&D and production, Let’s work together to protect her safe!


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we need make sure each condom must be tested, all are safe.


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MANGO condom, Classic male condom supplier, custom brand condom manufactuer

MANGO Classic male condom supplier

The classic condom shape, thin thickness and extremely silky.  A special lubricant give them softness and feel irresistible so that […]

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3in 1 condom,contoured condom,stimulating condom

Contoured condom with 3in1

Romeo contoured condom is a three-in-one sensation with its specially positioned ribs and raised dots to stimulate the most sensitive […]

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MANGO condom, prolong condom, long love condom manufacturer, MANGO brand condom supplier

MANGO prolong condom manufacturer

MANGO prolong condoms are shaped and textured to intensify sensation and contain a delay lubricant to help prolong sexual performance […]

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best lube for women

The wonderful world of personal lube. So many flavors, sensations, and possibilities. The more options we are given, the more […]

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cheap condom, cheap condom supplier, flavored condom manufacturer

Cheap condom supplier from online store.

The online shop offers a very large selection of different condom types for every preference. For example, there are fruity […]

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MANGO condom, MANGO sensation condom, MANGO dotted condom supplier

global condom market continue grow

At 2018 year , the entire global condom market is projected to reach approximately 5.4 billion US$. The Asia-Pacific region […]

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female condom, female condom manufacturer, custom brand female condom factory

Female condom manufacturer

Why does it always to be the man’s job to keep things under wraps? Female condoms are making a comeback […]

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MANGO long love condom, MANGO condom manufacturer, Delay condom supplier

MANGO Long Love condom add delay lube for longer action

MANGO Long Love condom is a classic shaped (straight shaft) latex condom with delay lubricant to delay male climax and […]

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condom storage

How safe storage your condom?

Store your condoms in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You can store them in a small box […]

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MANGO condom, MANGO brand condom supplier, best brand condom manufacturer

MANGO brand condom supplier

MANGO brand condom is made in the most important industrial plants in China and is the same condom that is […]

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large size condom,XL condom,large condom factory

Large size condom factory

Large size condoms are intended for men who feel that the current regular size condom are too small. You will […]

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MANGO brand condom, MANGO 3 in 1 condom manufacturer, custom brand condom supplier

MANGO 3 in 1 condom suppliers

MANGO 3 in 1 condoms are profiled for better marrying the forms of the male sex and getting thus more […]

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