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    Soft, Safe, Sensitive

    Welcome worldwide distributor choose Mango condom!

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  • Custom condom

    condom production need better natural latex

    Not only the natural latex, we make each of our material in the better quality level, and all are environment protective.

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We can produce your brand condom

your brand condom deserves a quality condom supplier

OEM condom production still  is our company’s main business, we had served more than 50 worldwide condom brands, it’s our pleasure that all our clients like our quality and service, we will continue focus on condom R&D and production, Let’s work together to protect her safe!


Tell us your style and idea, we will show you in artwork.


We ask our sales man serve client at first time, no matter where you are.

Quality Lab

we need make sure each condom must be tested, all are safe.


Only Happy worker can produce good quality condoms!

Romeo brand condom looking for condom distributor

Romeo brand new design pack looking for condom distributor

More than offering the highest quality and safety, ROMEO brand condoms allow both partners to explore new pleasure sensations by proposing […]

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Premium Latex Lubricated Condoms

Premium Latex Lubricated Condoms are made from the finest latex and triple tested to create the perfect balance of quality […]

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What Feel Like If Allergic Reaction to Latex Condoms?

An allergic reaction to latex may develop within minutes or hours of exposure. People can develop an allergic reaction to […]

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Patterns of Condom Use Among Adolescents

Frankly speaking, discussions between mothers and their adolescents about condoms use can lead teens to adopt behaviors that will prevent […]

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Ireland teenage pregnancies number fall by 64%-but STIs are on the rise

The Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) programme in schools and in youth centres plays a crucial role in informing teenagers […]

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Using condoms is something you have to do

What do condoms have in common with toothpaste and toilet paper? Given the world we live in, wearing condoms is […]

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condom company phone number

As a professional condom factory approved by ISO 13485 and CE, we are pleasure to custom produce for your own […]

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lubricant,flavored lubricant


Flavored Lubricants add some flavor to your intimate moments. These great tasting flavored personal lubricants will spice it up. We […]

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ONE and Atlas Brand Condoms in Canada

As a professional condom distribution company, Pamco is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the ONE and the Atlas brand of […]

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What kind of condom is best for you?

You might be surprised but this is quite an important question. Condoms come in all different shapes and sizes. Ok, […]

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Should I use the female condom if I’ve had a baby?

When you feel ready to have sex again, it is safe for you to use a condom, no matter male […]

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MANGO condoms, MANGO condom suppliers, MANGO condom factory, OEM condom manufacturers

MANGO condoms created for utmost sensitivity

MANGO condoms created for utmost sensitivity to offer you and your partner a more intimate and pleasurable encounter. MANGO condoms […]

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