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    Soft, Safe, Sensitive

    Welcome worldwide distributor choose Mango condom!

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  • Custom condom

    condom production need better natural latex

    Not only the natural latex, we make each of our material in the better quality level, and all are environment protective.

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We can produce your brand condom

your brand condom deserves a quality condom supplier

OEM condom production still  is our company’s main business, we had served more than 50 worldwide condom brands, it’s our pleasure that all our clients like our quality and service, we will continue focus on condom R&D and production, Let’s work together to protect her safe!


Tell us your style and idea, we will show you in artwork.


We ask our sales man serve client at first time, no matter where you are.

Quality Lab

we need make sure each condom must be tested, all are safe.


Only Happy worker can produce good quality condoms!

types of condoms

how many condom types do you know?

There are many types condoms in the market. How many condom types do you know? Here some summary for different […]

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Mango condom,brand condom,dotted condom

Mango brand dotted condom make more pleasure

Mango is one of our condom brands.  Mango dotted condom, with hundreds dots on the condom, which give you more pleasure, […]

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female condoms,women condoms,condoms for woman

Female condoms are powerful tools for pleasure and prevention

Female condoms are the only woman-initiated method available today that offers dual protection from unintended pregnancy and STIs, including HIV.  The […]

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latex condom,non latex condom,polyurethane condom

Are all condoms latex?

Are all condoms latex? Latex condom is common and widely used. Better prevent HIV,STDS,PREGNANT. But it includes natural rubber latex, […]

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MANGO condoms, MANGO condom suppliers, MANGO condom factory, OEM condom manufacturers

Funny Personalized Condoms

As a custom manufacturer, we can produce clients own brand condoms, not only the regular types, but also the funny […]

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ultra thin condom,good quality thin condoms,extra pleasure condom

Do ultra thin condom with good quality?

The ultra thin condoms aim to increase pleasure by mimicking the feel of wearing nothing at all. Thinner condoms means […]

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latex condoms,best condom,great latex condom

Which condom size people use?

Generally speaking, there are three size condoms: small size condom, regular size condom and large size condom. Small size condom- […]

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blue color condoms,color condoms,colored condom

super thin condoms

Common complaint about condoms is that they decrease the sensation. Well, if your willy goes down while you are putting a […]

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types of condoms

What’s textured condoms and function of textured condoms?

Dotted, Ribbed, Dotted&Ribbed, Contoured condom all are textured condoms. Textured condoms provide pleasure and sensation for both parties that regular […]

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personal lubricants, water based lubricants supplier, personal lubricants manufacturer

How can the personal lubricants be removed?

How to clean the lubricants from your body? Actually it is not necessary to remove the lubricants, as when they […]

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MANGO condom, MANGO brand condom, MANGO condom manufacturer, best brand condom

MANGO condom help foster a change in the way women and men think

Our MANGO brand condoms are made from soft ouch latex, which has a soft feel and low latex odor, creating […]

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condoms prevent against HPV

Do condoms prevent against HPV?

Though condoms offer some protection against HPV, it is not 100%. The virus causing genital warts is not just found […]

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